Have you considered Non Bank Lending? Has your Bank Said No to your home loan application? The Financial Advisers here at Platinum Mortgages can help you find loan options with pleasantly surprising rates – even up to 90% lending.

Are you self-employed with no financials? Suffering from credit issues or arrears? We specialise in mortgages for people with bad credit. We have the knowledge and expertise to help with all these situations and much more. It is possible to buy a house with bad credit – Get in touch with us today to discuss your circumstances, and we’ll work with you to see how we can help you get set up with the loan you need.

Bank said no - exploring alternatives

There are many Kiwis with a stable employment record and good credit history to whom banks have said no. Why? When the property market is hot and interest rates are low, what could be the problem?


The truth is that banks must follow strict regulatory guidelines. These rules mean that even the most trustworthy borrowers occasionally face unexpected lending roadblocks. Unfortunate but true,  for prospective buyers with a poor credit history, acquiring a home loan through their bank only gets more challenging.  Non Bank Lending has become very popular as an alternative solution! If your bank said no to your loan application and you’re unsure what to do next, the best option is to talk to one of the expert Mortgage Advisers here at Platinum Mortgages. We’ll take the time to assess your situation, consider your needs and see what alternative non bank lending options you might qualify for.

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Non Bank Lending

You might not have heard of the term ‘Non Bank Lending’. This financial concept refers to individuals, businesses or other financial institutions that provide borrowers with finance. These companies are also sometimes referred to as second tier lenders. They are a great choice if your mainstream bank said no, or if you have a weak credit history, are self-employed, or looking for a second mortgage.

Non bank lenders are typically very open to structural flexibility and usually show an innate willingness to take risks that mainstream banks would usually shy away from. They assess every individual on a case by case basis and are more inclined to make exceptions and trust that their borrowers will not default on future payments. We’re often asked how to get a home loan with bad credit, a non-bank lender is the answer.

Less restrictive criteria

As they have less strict income criteria, non bank lenders often have a faster processing speed and can offer borrowers mortgages much faster than mainstream banks can.

Competitive interest rates

The mortgage experts here at Platinum Mortgages can offer advice on non-bank lending and help you negotiate better interest rates. They’re excellent if you:

  • Have excessive debt
  • Have bad or low credit scores
  • Have been declined by a bank
  • Are self-employed with little or no business financials
  • Require short-term bridging finance
Mortgage application rejected?  Non bank can help

Personalised, niche lending solution

As your Mortgage Advisers, the team at Platinum Mortgages can negotiate deals on your behalf with non bank lenders. This is very useful if you need a specialised loan to suit your specific circumstances, if your bank has said no, or if you’re an Investor facing major roadblocks in growing your portfolio.

Get Your Loan Approved Now!

At Platinum Mortgages, our finance and mortgage experts will work with your situation and analyse all the options that work for you. They’ll look into both standard banking and non banking lenders before providing you with personalised advice on what’s best for you. They’ll talk you through how to get a mortgage with bad credit or without business financials.
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Why Have They Said No?

Every lending institution has its own criteria to be satisfied. There are many reasons why your application may have been rejected. This may include a poor credit history, too many existing loans, an insufficient salary or even simple mistakes on your application.

The Financial and Mortgage Advisers here at Platinum Mortgages can get to the bottom of your situation. They offer advice to improve your borrowing profile and increase your chances of being accepted by a lender. We can also take advantage of our knowledge and connections with both bank and non bank lenders. We find a lender who is most likely to accept a borrower in your situation.

For detailed advice on your individual situation, please get in touch with the Platinum Mortgages team at (0800 536 346)

Loan Options when the bank says no

Do you want to know more about getting a home loan here in New Zealand through Non Bank Lenders? Many Kiwis find themselves needing a mortgage from the alternative lending industry, especially once a mainstsream bank has rejected them. This can be due to a range of factors, including unexpected employment, a divorce, reduced hours, a critical illness or even business failure.

Whether you’re planning to buy your very first home or are looking into an investment property, or even need some bridging finance, you’re likely to assume that your only option for a home loan or mortgage is to go to a bank. However, non bank lending is also a viable option.

Non bank lenders have helped increase competition in the New Zealand mortgage industry and have given Kiwis many more options on their journey to home ownership and have helped Kiwis to whom the bank said no to get onto the property ladder at last.

Bank said no leads to dissapointment

If you’ve had a sudden financial hiccup for whatever reason resulting in not meeting the criteria, poor or low credit scoring, poor repayment history or were once bankrupt – don’t lose hope. Be open and honest about your financial situation with us. We can help work with you to find a solution and get you the financing that you need. This could include arranging a non bank mortgage to repay or refinance your other debts, allowing you to put your issues in one basket so you can focus on paying them off as fast as possible.

We have specialist knowledge about non bank home loans, mortgage and finance. This means that we can help you set up a proposal, designed to maximise your chance of being accepted for a home loan. With our extensive network of lenders throughout New Zealand, we can also suggest the best possible lender for your situations, getting you better rates than you might have otherwise. We have helped many clients get home loans with bad credit.

Just get in touch with one of our friendly team at (0800 536 346) to learn about how a Mortgage Adviser from Platinum Mortgages can help you.

Why use a mortgage adviser from platinum mortgages?

If, for some reason, you cannot get a mortgage, whether due to low credit ratings or because you lack proof of income, turning to a Mortgage Adviser is the best next step. Mortgage Brokers often have access to products that might not be directly available to individual or independent borrowers, such as ones featuring better loan rates.

This range of options means that you’re not out of luck for a home loan if you have been declined by a mainstream bank. Our team will work with you to understand your unique circumstances and help you get on your way to the loan you need, even if your bank has said no.

We can use our extensive knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry to help you analyse the available options for your mortgage. We’ll help you find the best one for your needs at the most suitable rate available. And that’s not all we can do. Our team can also package your application for a loan in a way that will maximise its chances of being successfully improved and getting you on the way to the home loan you need.

Whether you have a problem with proving your income or have previous arrears or simply struggling with heaps of debt, we can help. To find out more about how the team at Platinum Mortgages can help you, please get in touch with us at (0800 536 346)

Discussing alternatives when the bank said no

why might i need a non bank loan?

Minor financial slip ups can have a surprisingly significant impact on your credit rating. A low credit score suggests to a bank that you might be a risky borrower and have a higher chance of defaulting on a loan, making a bank less willing to lend you money.

This doesn’t mean that you have no further options if you want to get a home loan. We believe that a few financial troubles shouldn’t prevent you from accessing an outstanding, competitive home loan.

We’ll assess how your credit score can affect your application and help you discuss the best options if you have poor ratings. Many non bank lenders are more flexible than traditional banks.There are alternative options available for getting the loan you need to get your new home even if your credit score is less than spotless. You can get a house with bad credit!

What is A Credit Score?

As you might already know, your credit score is a numerical value that indicates how likely you are to pay your debts on time. It’s based on your credit history and considers all credit related transactions. These include credit card payments, overdrafts, phone contracts, equipment rental, utilities, and much more.

This information is collected by a credit bureau which then calculates your credit score and provides it to lenders.

Why Does A Good Credit Score Matter To Banks?

Your credit score affects your likelihood of being approved for a loan. The higher your credit rating, the more likely it is that a bank will say yes to your mortgage because it believes you’re a more trustworthy borrower and less likely to default on a loan.

However, if you’ve had defaults, a short credit history or late payments, you could possibly have a low credit score rating. This is when a bank might see you as a risky borrower. This is a critical factor in situations where a bank said no to a mortgage application.

However, this does not mean that it’s impossible to get a home loan if you have a poor credit rating. There is a wide range of non bank lenders in New Zealand with varying risk tolerances, including being more willing to accommodate borrowers with bad credit.

A skilled, experienced Mortgage Adviser, such as the team here at Platinum Mortgages, can offer you advice specific to your situation and help you find the lender you need to make your loan a reality. Whether you have a problem proving income, have arrears or simply poor credit, get in touch with our team at (0800 536 346)