Power Up Your Equity, and Get Your Second Mortgage Approved Today With Platinum Mortgages

A Second Mortgage, is a second loan that you take against a property you’ve previously mortgaged. A house, building, or piece of land - it’s a property you have equity in. A second mortgage allows you to liquidate your equity and is paid off after your first mortgage has completed its lifetime.

Your home could have hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity. Taking out a second mortgage for home improvements and other fixtures, allows you to increase the value of the house, and in turn, your equity.

A second mortgage is a great choice if you are starting a small business, buying more income properties to build wealth, or getting a degree that can increase your professional market value and help you earn more. It also allows you to consolidate and pay off your debt with a considerably lower interest rate.

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Taking a 2nd Mortgage With Bad Credit

Just like securing any mortgage, if you want to take out a second mortgage but have a bad credit, it can be very difficult to find a mainstream bank that will offer you a second loan on your property.

Here at Platinum Mortgages, the Finance Advisers are dedicated to help you find second tier lenders in NZ, who offer very similar interest rates as the mainstream banks. Instead of spending hours searching for how to secure a second mortgage with bad credit, let the Platinum Mortgages experts do the homework for you, before signing on the dotted lines.

Platinum Mortgages Have Your Back

Even without the perfect credit score, it’s often possible to secure a second mortgage. With the help of Platinum Mortgages, you will have a higher chance of securing a second mortgage. The Platinum Mortgages Advisers may have access to exclusive deals that are not available directly from a bank or non-bank lender.

The team at Platinum Mortgages, evaluate every individual on their own merit. This allows them to understand what you need, and get you a deal that fits your requirements. We understand that every situation is very unique and we adjust our personal approach accordingly.

At Platinum Mortgages, the focus is on ensuring that you can afford your mortgage for the entirety of its lifetime – Not just for the next few months ahead! So, instead of letting you settle for a low initial interest rate that keeps on compounding, the team of Financial Advisers at Platinum Mortgages, helps you sort through hundreds of thousands of options and choose the one that is best for you.

Responsible Non-Bank Lending

Second mortgage interest rates tend to be higher, as the second mortgage lender may lose out to the first mortgage lender if you fail to clear your loans. That’s why Platinum Mortgages Advisers work closely with you, to ensure that taking out a second mortgage is the right option for you.

Platinum Mortgages are always on hand to discuss how to get a second mortgage, even when you have a bad credit score. Please submit your inquiry here