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Pre Settlement Mastered

March 12, 2024

Pre Settlement Mastered A Comprehensive Guide for Home Sellers

So you have sold your home? Congratulations! Now you need to master the pre-settlement process.  This comprehensive step-by-step guide, provides...

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Moving to Australia - Sell or Rent Out NZ Property?

March 11, 2024

Moving to Australia – Sell or Rent Out NZ Property?

This article is for New Zealanders moving to Australia, and provides guidance and factors to consider when deciding whether to...

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Save Thousands on Your Mortgage

February 6, 2024

Save Thousands on Your Mortgage with Flatmates

Yes, you can save thousands on your mortgage with flatmates or boarders. It also relieves the financial stress with the...

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Building Inspection Report Guide

January 11, 2024

Building Inspection Report Guide for NZ Buyers and Sellers

The Role of a Building Inspection Report This article provides a Building Inspection Report Guide for both NZ Buyers and...

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Selling Your Property Options

January 9, 2024

Getting Ready to Sell Your Property

It is crucial to take the time to plan and strategize when you are thinking about getting ready to sell...

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Top Tips for Christmas Spending

December 11, 2023

Top Tips for Mindful Christmas Spending in NZ – Unlock Financial Serenity

Embrase the Season with Mindful Celebrations Joy and happiness are often linked to the holiday season. However, it doesn’t have...

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NZ Housing Market Upturn 2023 – Auckland

December 3, 2023

NZ Housing Market Upturn

The New Zealand Housing market upturn is evident in the most recent three months of 2023, giving homeowners, investors and...

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Buy and Sell Property

November 19, 2023

Property Market Changing – Buying and Selling

In this article we look at the changing New Zealand Property Market and discuss which avenue comes first, when buying...

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Mortgage Solutions

October 12, 2023

Mortgage Solutions For Everyday Scenarios

Different Scenarios Have Different Mortgage Solutions This article discusses the different mortgage solutions your home loan adviser may consider for...

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